Download a generic file from Bloomberg. Use RblFiles to list the files available at Bloomberg. If the file is not available yet (i.e. a request file has just been uploaded), the function waits until the response file is there or the timeout is reached

RblDownload(file, frequency = 60, timeout = 3600, verbose = TRUE)



character string representing the file to download


the polling frequency to check if file is available at Bloomberg


the timeout in seconds


logical. Should R report extra information on progress?


character string. Path to the downloaded file. NULL on failure


if (FALSE) { # Run RblConnect first # Build a request file to download the daily closing prices of # EURO STOXX Index from 2005-01-01 to 2015-12-31. RblRequest <- RblRequestBuilder( header = c(FIRMNAME = RblUser(), PROGRAMNAME = 'gethistory', DATERANGE = '20050101|20151231'), fields = c('PX_LAST'), identifiers = c('SXXE Index') ) # Upload the request file req <- RblUpload(RblRequest) # Download the response file out <- RblDownload(req$out) out }